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     I always loved the outdoors. I grew up fishing, hiking and exploring the forest in my backyard.  I always felt a sense of being at home in the woods, but it's only recently, maybe in the last few years,  that I worked to develop techniques and skills to appreciate Quebec's forests even more.  My photography background allows me to capture and share my experiences with the world. My influences range from Ray Mears' Bushcraft skills, to Les Stroud's raw survival skills, and Nutnfancy's Outdoor adventures. 

Packed up and ready to hike!
I like to analyse a lot before making up my own opinion.  If you ask me right now ''Do you prefer small knives, big knives or axes?'' or even ''Do you prefer a leave-no-trace approach or using what the forest has to offer?'', I probably wouldn't have an answer.  I hope this blog will allow me to test different methods and setups and help me find the one that is best for me.  This blog is just a glimpse in a life-long adventure, and it never hurts to have a good friend along for the ride.   

  I'm lucky enough to have travelled a great deal and to have visited the wilderness more than my fair share of times. Since I've become a parent, time has become short for any activities and prioritizing wilderness adventures (camping and day hikes) seems like a logicial choice. Working in call centers has done nothing to keep me in shape, and this does help a little. Mostly, it provides a needed break in one of the few environments where I feel calm and serene. I actually call these hikes natural prozac. 

Since the other white guy named influences, I'll say mine are the royal canadian army cadets and the scout movement. I also have been testing gear for a couple of decades and have some pretty clear ideas on what works and what doesn't for me. Although I have noticed that my gear selection has gone lighter over the last few years. I haven't gone for ultralight gear, nor do I plan to. I like using gear that can be used and abused, for a long time. 

Although I enjoy dudes like Ray Mears, I realize that they are being edited for television (some would argue that some are worse than others). I don't care for bushcrafting for only one reason. I like to have a plan B, C and D. Bushcraft only provides a plan A. I'll hump my 50 pound pack in the brush for 10 kilometers if I have to, and I'll have everything I need. Nutnfancy, of YouTube fame, calls it mobility versus firepower. I like firepower. I enjoy my time in the wilderness and feel that taxing it's resources is unecessary. I'll use dead trees and branches for fire and that is all unless I'm in trouble... Then, I'll set up snares, fishing lines and 2 room shelters. Heck, I have the tools for it in my pack.

I can answer Cedric's questions. However, I find it far more entertaining to let him figure out what works for him. I may review gear from time to time, if I discover something good. However, We'll let the pictures do the work. 

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